Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

There's a reason I don't like going back to standard time in the fall. Now, IMO daylight before you have to get up in the morning is wasted. It doesn't matter whether it's light or not if you're asleep, after all. And a large fraction of people work the day shift, they find daylight most useful either during working hours or after them (ie. in the evening). People working swing (evening) shifts generally will have plenty of hours before work if daylight hours match day shift. People working the graveyard shift are probably getting home just as day-shift people are starting work, so it should be daylight for them after work. So, ideally you want sunrise to happen just about the time day-shift people are getting up and heading to work.

Now, look at the daylight schedule. In the summer DST insures daylight's shifted into the evening, which is exactly what we want. But right now, around the shift back to standard time, sunrise is happening about 7:30am daylight time and sunset's happening around 6:30-7pm. Standard time will shift sunrise back to 6:30am and sunset back to 5:30-6pm. So now it's going to be daylight an hour before I have to get up, and dark about the time I'm getting home. I'd benefit more right now from staying on daylight time, keeping as much daylight as possible in the evening. Even around solstice, if we stayed on daylight time it'd be sunrise while I was driving to work and it'd be getting dark as I was heading home. On standard time it'll be sunrise while I'm still getting up and getting breakfast, and dark an hour before I even leave work. I'd rather have it on daylight time, that lines up closer to "normal" day-shift hours.

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