Thursday, April 7, 2011

$2000 to clean up a couple drops of blood

So, the kid cuts himself. And happens to drip a few drops of blood on the sidewalk while waiting for the ambulance. The city attorney decides, on his own, to call in a hazmat team from another city to clean it up, and sends the resulting $2000 bill to the kid. Talk about asshattery. Kemp's head's so far up his gastrointestinal tract, he's got to open his mouth to see his own colon. I mean, really. Yeah, it's blood, there's possible contamination issues. A gallon jug of Clorox bleach and a push-brush will deal with that, then wash the sidewalk off with a garden hose. Should take 1 janitor, 15 minutes of time and no more than $50 worth of materials (assuming you've got to buy a new brush, bucket and jug of Clorox).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Neurologist appointment again

On the 18th I've got another appointment with the neurologist, followed by another IVIg session. I've got to set up an appointment with my primary physician, too. The feet are improving, but the improvement means they hurt more. Now it's not the pins-and-needles neurological pain, more and more it's just plain bruised-and-battered physical pain. The pins-and-needles mostly comes from shifts in the weather making things act up.

I need to talk to the doc about 2 things mostly. One is the fact my feet and calves are just stiff. I'm starting to get movement even in the right foot, but everything's so stiff it's not funny. And my toes aren't bending right. I think I need to go back to the physical therapist to have them have a look and see what I can do about this. The other is my weight. Mostly I need to get my primary to stop harping about it. I know it's been going up, and I know it's higher than it should be. Low activity levels do that. I've got the eliptical, I'm working on increasing the workout time as much as my knees will allow, and I'm going to get some light dumbbells and a simple bench ordered soonish to help with the arms, sit-ups and such.