Thursday, April 7, 2011

$2000 to clean up a couple drops of blood

So, the kid cuts himself. And happens to drip a few drops of blood on the sidewalk while waiting for the ambulance. The city attorney decides, on his own, to call in a hazmat team from another city to clean it up, and sends the resulting $2000 bill to the kid. Talk about asshattery. Kemp's head's so far up his gastrointestinal tract, he's got to open his mouth to see his own colon. I mean, really. Yeah, it's blood, there's possible contamination issues. A gallon jug of Clorox bleach and a push-brush will deal with that, then wash the sidewalk off with a garden hose. Should take 1 janitor, 15 minutes of time and no more than $50 worth of materials (assuming you've got to buy a new brush, bucket and jug of Clorox).

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