Monday, January 5, 2009

Browser changes

For years I've depended on Mozilla/Firefox's built-in facilities and DNS-based blocking of the most offensive advertising sites and malicious hosts. I've decided to start altering that. I'm putting in AdBlock Plus and NoScript as standard add-ons to FireFox. I'll deal with enabling scripts on a site-by-site basis as needed. I'm also going to aggressively expand the list I use for DNS-based blocking. At a minimum it's going to be based on domains included in the AdBlock Plus subscription I'll be using, and I'm going to try and find a reliable outside blacklist of malicious sites to include. I'm going to hack up a script to automate maintaining the blackhole zone file on the DNS server.

I'll also have to update Dean and Lia to the latest FireFox, and install AdBlock Plus and NoScript on their machines and show them how to enable scripts as needed and when and why not to enable them.

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