Friday, January 16, 2009

Circuit City bankruptcy

Circuit City joins CompUSA in going out of business. Their attempt to find a buyer failed, so they're liquidating and going out of business completely. I'm perfectly happy with this, my experience with both chains (and others) is that they sell so-so products at excessive prices and make you suffer through high-pressure sales pitches from clueless salescritters for the privilege.

Hint to the brick-and-mortar stores: you can't compete with Newegg and Amazon on price. And you can't compete with them on quality, they're selling the same items you are. There's only two things you've got left: convenience and customer service. Convenience only works for small-ticket items, you can't make a large business out of that. And customer service requires hiring salesmen who have a clue about what they're selling and are willing to sell the customer what they need, not what brings in the biggest commission. You've a big advantage over on-line in that I can walk in to your store and see the actual item, look it over, check things and make absolutely sure it's what I want. I can explain to a salesman what I want and get advice. But you seem bound and determined to make it as hard as possible for me to deal with you. Change your ways, or you'll be joining CompUSA and Circuit City before a bankruptcy judge.

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