Friday, July 3, 2009


Got the eye exam done today. I've been having some problems focusing, everything's clear but it's like it wants to split in two. We found the reason: the prism adjustment in my lenses was off. My eyes want to focus a bit behind the object I'm looking at, and the prism adjustment to compensate for that was off. The new lenses should correct that. I'm also changing frame styles back to a full-rim titanium set, and having a full nosepiece put in instead of the two separate pads. That should make the glasses more comfortable. This pair gets the full prescription plus photo-grey, anti-glare and everything. Towards the end of the month I'm going back to get a second pair for close-up (reading and computer) work. Those won't need the photo-grey or anti-glare coating so the lenses'll be cheaper

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